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DC Socket Car Charger for Amazon Kindle Scribe (1st Gen 2022) - 2-Port Power Adapter

DC Socket Car Charger for Amazon Kindle Scribe (1st Gen 2022) - 2-Port Power Adapter

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  • Plug 2 car chargers at same time into this and plug this to your car outlet, charge them both.
  • Built -in charging circuitry protects your Dual Car Charger and connected electronics.
  • Dual Car Charger fits into all standard 12V DC outlets and auxiliary power adapters.
  • Perfect for an on the go family that requires multiple chargers for your mp3 player, tablet and phone.
  • Convert and increase your car DC lighter from 1 to 2 sockets.
  • Black high-impact plastic. LED power indicator.Fully compatible with tablets, phones, GPS, iPod and PDA.

Product Description

Car DC Lighter Socket expand your DC lighter socket to 2, easily to power more than one device in your car. It suitable for tablets, phones, GPS, iPod and PDA. Simply plug it into car's DC lighter socket, run multiple accessories at one time.Dual DC Lighter Socket lets you plug two chargers into your car or truck's DC lighter. With this Dual DC Lighter Socket, you can plug in chargers for your tablets, phones, GPS, iPod, PDA or other accessories and devices like map lights and GPS navigation. Universal design fits most cars and plug-in chargers and adapters.


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