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Home Charger Retractable USB Cable Power Adapter - BFA50

Home Charger Retractable USB Cable Power Adapter - BFA50

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  • Intelligent IC chip inside ensure stabilization and full charging. Plug never heats or overcharges.
  • Compact USB Travel / Home Charger enables charging from any wall outlet.
  • Retractable USB cable keeps cable clutter to a minimum.
  • Mini-USB Connector compatible with all phone/tablets with mini-USB charging port.
  • Folding blades on the Charger Adapter makes storage and traveling a breeze.
  • Retractable Hotsysnc & Charging USB Data Cable + Mini USB Home Charger.

Product Description

Travel charger cable extends to the length necessary for recharging the battery, power your phone. Just push the Retract button, the cable winds back into the plug for easy and attractive storage. No more loose cables to stow away when the charger is not being used. IC chip allows it to remain plugged into an outlet indefinitely without damaging the battery. Retractable Home/ Travel Charger features a retractable wire. Lightweight, compact and ergonomic design allows charger to be easily used and stored away. Rapid retract button allows charger to easily extend and retract. Great for charging your phone at home, in the office or while traveling. Prongs are foldable, thereby reduces storage space and ideal for travel or carrying around.

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