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Car Home Charger USB Cable Retractable Power Adapter AC Plug - BFE64

Car Home Charger USB Cable Retractable Power Adapter AC Plug - BFE64

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  • This Combo Pack Includes: One USB Home Charger, One USB Car Charger, One USB Cable.
  • Intelligent IC chip inside ensure stabilization and full charging. Plug never heats or overcharges
  • One end plugs into dock connector of your device while other plugs into computer or USB port
  • Car Charger: Vehicle Lighter Adaptor.(12~24v DC). Short circuit protection. LED charging indication
  • Compact design and retractable coil cord are made for easy storage.

Product Description

Made from high quality premium material, 3-in-1 iPhone charger accessories kit (car charger+travel charger + data cable) .Get everything you need for charging your iPhone or iPod both at home and on-the-go with this 3-in-1 Universal Charger Kit for iPhone/iPod! This package includes a travel (wall) charger, a car charger, and a retractable USB cable for connecting the chargers to the iPod or iPhone. Each of the chargers has a USB port, so if you already have the appropriate cable, you can connect and charge other portable USB devices, too. Car adapter allows plugging into car 12V DC lighter adapter.Keep your iPod & iPhone powered.Wall adapter allows charging at home or work or when traveling. Enhanced internal circuits to manage charging status.Prevents overcharge and undercharge. This is a non-OEM product.

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