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Selfie Stick Wireless Built-in Tripod Remote Shutter Stand Self-Portrait - BFZ98 for iPhone 14 Pro

Selfie Stick Wireless Built-in Tripod Remote Shutter Stand Self-Portrait - BFZ98 for iPhone 14 Pro

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Your Device Apple iPhone 14 Pro compatible with This Product.

  • New Compact Version of Wireless selfie stick with built-in wireless remote control function. Wireless remote control included.
  • Rechargeable Monopod Selfie Stick with Built-in Shutter Button. No batteries needed, USB powered (AC adapter not included).
  • 3 Lighting modes: White, warm white, and warm yellow and adjustable brightness.
  • Simple to Use: Just turn it on, pair it with smart phone and then Snap. Charging MicroUSB Cable is included.
  • Useful for applying makeup, taking pictures/videos, live streaming, video conferences, and more.
  • Cradle has a 360-degree rotation capability that allows you to view your device in any desired position.

Product Description

All our selfie stick is defined by functionality and elegance, and the and this Selfie Stick is no exception. The customizable holder means you will have universal phone compatibility, and our adjustable stand enables a diverse range of photography options. Perfect for All Uses Plan for the unplanned with the most customizable selfie stick on the market. The standby time of the Selfie Stick make it practical enough for everyday use, and the sturdy build provides phone security in a variety of environments. Use the Selfie LED Ring Light when filming videos, taking pictures, attending video conferences, and live streaming for the perfect lighting. The LED selfie stick with light is equipped with 3 lighting modes, white, warm white, and yellow, and adjustable brightness. Its compact, thin design makes it easy to store and carry, while not taking up much space when traveling. To use as a tripod stand, screw the base onto a selfie stick and place it onto a flat surface. Adjust the base to your desired position and place your phone into the cradle. No batteries are required, this LED light is USB powered (AC adapter not included).

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